Andrew Prescott is the brother of Raymond Prescott. He was 20 years younger than Raymond. The Prescott family has a long tradition in the navy. Prescotts had served in the TFN ever since there was a TFN. In fact, the Prescott  family had served in many different naval forces on Earth. Prescott was a captain commanding TFNS Daikyu when ISW-4 started. He was then scheduled for the Borsoi class Carrier Airedale but when ISW-4 broke out, all nonessential personnel reassignments, including his transfer to Airedale, were frozen by the sudden explosion of combat. This was for the best since Airedale was lost with all hands at the Third Battle of Justin.Despite his lack of carrier experience, he was pushed up to Commodore eight years sooner than he could have in peacetime and he made rear admiral barely two years after that. He was killed at the age of 40 during the Surveying of the Prescott chain.

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