Strategic Bombardment Missile Homing All Way Killer (SBMHAWK), developed during the Theban War by the Terran Federation, SBMHAWKs are warp-capable missile pods. Each carries three (later five or six) missiles through a warp point before firing. Early models fired SBMs, later models used Capital Bombardment Missiles or Close Assault Missiles. SBMHAWKs can be produced quickly and in large numbers, are are typically used in numbers sufficient to swamp the point defense of any defending fortressses or starships.

The development of SBMHAWKs essentially spelled the end of the Arachnid Hegemony, as without an effective counter, no amount of "forting up" could stop a warp point assault spearheaded by pods. SBMHAWKs can also be used in a defensive mode to attack starships or gunboats making a warp point assault.

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