The Terran Federation Marine Corps (TFMC) was the ground-combat branch of the armed forces of the Terran Federation. TFMC duties included defending Federation planets, providing boarding/ceremonial detatchments for ships of the TFN , and conducting assaults on enemy held planets.


The Terran Federation was organised in much the same way as Marines of Old Earth, most notably the United States Marine Corps. The smallest unit to be deployed was the squad or the fire-team, while the largest were typically divisions or corps. There also seems to be a divide between regular, shipbaord Marines, and Raiders specially trained for planetary assaults.

Ranking SystemEdit

Known officer ranks of the TFMC include:


Brigadier General





1st Lieutenant

2nd Lieutenant

Known NCO ranks include Sergeant and Sergeant-Major.

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

Notable equipment used by the TFMC includes the powered flechette gun (boarding actions, Theban War) the "zoot" powered armour; and the HVM infantry support weapon- both used at least from the Theban War onwards.

Notable CampaignsEdit

The TFMC took part in the Theban War , culminating in an invasion of Thebes; ISW-4 , which included the liberation of Harnah and similar Bug-held planets and in subsequent campaigns before finally splitting along with the Navy during the Civil War.

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